Teaching Professionals Program (TPro2)

The Teaching Professionals Program (TPro2) works to build community and formalize the career objectives of the participants by hosting meetings that provide professional development and opportunities for discussion. All specialized teaching faculty are welcome!

TPRO2 reinforces this community of practice by:

  • Hosting gatherings for sharing ideas and experiences.
  • Sharing and implementing a framework for professional development through structured, reflective practice.
  • Sharing informal support and resources for teaching-track faculty.
  • Implementing ideas for professional growth from the teaching community.




Tpro2 Co-facilitators

Wayne Chang
Wayne Chang
Mechanical Science and Engineering.
Chrysafis Vogiatzis
Chrysafis Vogiatzis
Industrial and Enterprise Engineering


TPro2 colleagues say: 

“The Teaching Professionals Program has been a productive venue both for sharing good ideas about teaching and for thinking about my career.” – David Varodayan, CS

“The meetings have been exciting and enjoyable, and it is great to learn how others function in the college and to hear about research opportunities.” – Marcia Pool, BioE

“TPro2 is a great way to find out what others have tried successfully (and unsuccessfully) in the classroom. It has become part of my larger ‘Community of Practice’ in the realm of teaching and learning.” – Chris Schmitz, ECE


TPro2 Special Event: Tips for Navigating an In-Person ASEE Annual Conference


TPRO2 Spring 2022 Events:

TPro2 Event: Utilizing Canvas to help teach a course with universal design of learning – a few practical strategies (PDF)

Utilizing Canvas (video)


TPRO2 Spring 2021 Events:

TPro2 Event: Applying for Engineering Education Grants

TPro2 Event: Student Panel on Mental Health and Wellness

TPro2 Event: Course Accessibility


TPRO2 Archive


TPRO2 Resources